About Us

TheTransporter.digital will connect owner drivers and fleet owners to transport companies and provide a platform for people requiring transportation to cut out the middle man and go directly to the driver/owner operator. It will provide a platform for drivers and fleet owners to gain visibility in the industry and using our performance rating system, drivers who perform better can finally have the chance to earn more benefits for their hard work. On the other end of the scale it will improve the behaviour and performance of other drivers by creating incentive. It will eliminate paperwork as we automate the proof of delivery and proof of hours process using state of the art digital run sheets and live vehicle and item tracking creating a seamless online booking, transport and delivery process.

TheTransporter.digital will allow drivers the opportunity to work the hours they want to work by simply logging into their mobile app and requesting job offers. This app will also solve the problem of monitoring driver hours as it will notify you when rest is required. The software will also maintain compliance in vehicles using a notification based alert function in which drivers will be required to complete before their profile becomes active again. Only fully compliant drivers and vehicles will be active on the browser and able to receive work.

As we move into a digital world of automation and a  reduction of traditional working hours it only makes sense to start looking at options to give the transport industry the same face lift.